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We specialize in private education services for kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our goal is to work with families to create a dynamic in which learning is passion, the learner's needs are stitched into the fabric of the teaching design, and students feel inspired to explore their intellectual curiosities and engage in their passions. We can develop a comprehensive curriculum or specialize in specific instruction.


We have a wealth of experience with children with learning differences. 

Grades K - 4

We offer a comprehensive homeschool program, encouraging and supporting growth and personalized learning across the disciplines with individualized curriculum. We recommend 15 hours a week for a full program, but can partner with parents, other programs, and online curriculums to modify a homeschool program that works best.


If you are interested in our homeschool program, please contact us directly.

Grades 8 - 12 

Can you homeschool in high school? The answer is yes. But it is more complicated than homeschooling in elementary and middle school. There are a few options:


Option One

You can homeschool.  You, your child, and your teacher can create a personalized program that allows your teen to thrive in the areas where he or she excels while still learning grade appropriate skills and college readiness. This means that the curriculum is not from an accredited institution and your child will not receive official transcripts. However, narrative evaluations will be maintained by the teacher and student detailing student work. If you do choose to homeschool in high school, do know that entering the school system (public or private) while in high school will be challenging as your child will have to recover the missing credits. This option is best for students who know they want to homeschool for their entire four years of high school.


Option Two

Your child can do an on-line homeschool program and meet with a teacher for support, homework help, or to be in a learning environment as needed. This ensures your child earns transcripts from an accredited school and can easily transfer to a different school while still in high school. There are a range of online schools that offer different focuses and teacher support, but I am pleased to have a unique partnership with Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences online school. Please visit our program description about this option: Grades 8 - 12


Option Three

A combination of option one and two is also available - pick and choose online courses as well as independently designed classes. There are also institutions that allow students to do the work independently and earn the credits through a testing service. As with homeschool, if your child does decide to enter a traditional high school, he or she will have to recover the credits.

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