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Homeschool K - 4 | Sarah Goodale

What I Do

People often ask me exactly what I do…


Families choose to homeschool for many reasons. Some want to be more involved in their children’s education and to spend more time with their kids. Some feel their children cannot thrive in a traditional classroom. Some want to travel and cannot commit to a traditional school calendar. Whatever the reason, if the parents are not educators, choosing a curriculum and teaching it can be daunting, to say the least.


I offer three services: I am a consultant for homeschool families, I am a teacher for homeschool families, and I am a tutor for children of all school situations.


I help families choose curriculums for reading, language arts, math, and social studies and meet with the parents and children weekly to monitor their progress and help them with the process. I set up their notebooks and folders, deliver writing prompts and research material, and help them organize. I also help pace their progress. I provide knowledge and support to the homeschool parent and the students where ever needed.


Some families want to partner with a teacher so the parent can navigate the role of teacher with the help of a professional. Others want their children to learn one on one, or in a group of two or three for their main academic subjects, but are willing to provide the arts, sciences, and extra curricular interests on their own.


I choose, implement, and teach the main subjects of math, reading, language arts, and social studies. Follow up work is done at home with the parent’s guidance. Partnership and constant dialogue between the parent and me is paramount.


Some children need a little extra one on one teaching to help them grasp skills that do not come easily. Often a tutoring environment helps a child to be better focused than in a large classroom situation.


I work with the child's primary teacher to supplement classroom work, do homework, and teach different approaches to areas of challenge.

Some children exceed the content of their grade level and need extra challenge. I provide extra activities to expand their classroom work and interests.


Math: Go Math, Singapore Math, and Everyday Math

Spelling: Wonders Spelling and Spectrum Spelling

Reading and Social Studies: Reading Beyond The Page

Writing: Write Reflections, Poetry, Book Reports, and Research Reports

Pace and Expectations

I expect my students to do their best work, and with my guidance, to be responsible for their learning. My standards are high in terms of neatness, organization, presentation, and completing work in a timely manner; however, I am always there to guide them, ensuring that they achieve this. I want my students to feel hungry to learn and proud of their efforts. I pace according to each child’s ability and need, ensuring confidence and interest. I follow Common Core Standards so students stay competitive with National Standards.


My students complete one finished writing piece per week, including an organizational web, first draft, editing, and a final copy.


We learn one spelling list per week including a pre-test, instruction on spelling patterns, lots of word practice, and a post test.


Reading and Social Studies pacing depends on the age, however generally we complete a unit of study every two to three weeks.


Math lessons are done daily, completing four to five lessons per week. I supplement lessons and instruction with a variety of hands on, manipulative materials.

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